King’s College Online combines a track record of exceptional school performance and experience, with the latest technology and the most talented and experienced teachers to deliver an unrivalled online learning experience.

Drawing upon 50 years of academic excellence from within the King’s College Group, educational experts and digital innovators at King’s College Online have crafted a unique global learning experience for students - a new kind of international school, unlike any before - a fully connected online school with a difference. Students experience the best of online learning with the opportunity to attend one of Inspired’s 70 prestigious schools around the world.

Full-time International GCSE and A level courses start in January and September. Enrolling now for September 2021.

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Part of inspired

King’s College is part of Inspired, a leading premium international schools' group with over 70 schools in 20 countries, across 5 continents. Inspired sets a new standard in private education with an approach to academic learning that is innovative, challenging and enriching, an enviable performing arts and sports programme, and a dedication to excellence that permeates every aspect of every school.

Inspired schools are renowned for their sector-leading teaching and learning methods which accelerate understanding, informed by the latest developments of how students learn.

It is this approach that sees Inspired students graduating with outstanding academic results, a lifelong love of learning and character shaping values. Students leave us with the confidence to embrace the future, no matter what challenges they face within their lives.

'1 in 3 of Inspired graduates attend 

Russell Group and Ivy League universities'

About King’s College Online

King’s College Online offers a fully connected, high-quality, international education with a heritage of performance and success that combines online learning with campus-based experiences.

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International GCSE and A level

Offers International GCSE and A level subjects for students aged 14-18.

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50 years of academic excellence

Leverages 50 years of academic excellence to deliver a new online model of learning.

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Top universities

Opens the doors to top universities with over 90% of students achieving their first-choice university and 1 in 3 students attending Russell Group and Ivy League universities.

Kingscollegeonline platform
An innovative online platform

An innovative online platform where all content is available 24/7 so students can independently study at a time and pace that suits them.

A King’s College Online education is academic and holistic, and includes regular co-curricular activities such as music, art, drama and coding, to enable a rounded educational experience for every student.

To ensure the well-being and success of all students at King’s College Online, every student is assigned a personal tutor for regular success coaching.

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Testimonial Quote
"It’s early days but I’ve already been very impressed by KCO. The standard of teaching is high, and they have the other important things sorted too, like pastoral care and online safety. Each child has a personal success tutor, which is a great idea. My daughter’s is Mr Mills, who has been amazing; the whole KCO experience has really boosted her confidence. "
Parent, King's College Online

Inspired Top University Destinations

Graduates from King’s College group and all Inspired schools are renowned for the excellent academic results they achieve in public examination. Our A level results across the group are consistently high.

Grade Awarded Percentage of Grades Awarded
A* 30%
A*& A 58%
A - C 95%

These great results enables Inspired students to study at, and graduate from, the best universities around the world.


Over 90%* of students achieve their first-choice university placement. 

1 in 3 graduates go on to attend Russell Group and Ivy League universities.  

*Based on 2020 results.

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There’s little doubt that what young people want has changed in recent years. Whilst they understand that a good education is important, it’s no longer their only goal. Instead, education has evolved into something that needs to support their personal growth as they seek to develop their own distinctive voice and life path. Full-time online schooling can be the perfect answer for many students.

More students are now choosing online school as a full time alternative to their local school. While the switch to online can take a little adjusting, here we share a few simple ways to stay focused, maximise your online effectiveness and get the most out of your virtual education.

With the way we live and work changing dramatically, finding a school that’s adapting at the same pace is paramount. Since its launch last year, King’s College Online has been offering the perfect blend of online and offline learning for students aged 14-18, aimed at families looking for schooling that fits their life now and in the future.

“When is school returning to normal?” is not a question asked our King’s College Online students during the pandemic; for them virtual education is the norm and here to stay. Since the launch last year, the school has offered the perfect blend of online and offline learning for students aged 14-18.