Information, advice and tips to help you decide if online schooling is right for you and how to get the right academic results. 

Is King’s College Online a good choice for me?

There’s little doubt that what young people want has changed in recent years. Whilst they understand that a good education is important, it’s no longer their only goal. Instead, education has evolved into something that needs to support their personal growth as they seek to develop their own distinctive voice and life path. Full-time online schooling can be the perfect answer for many students.

Top tips for online learning

More students are now choosing online school as a full time alternative to their local school. While the switch to online can take a little adjusting, here we share a few simple ways to stay focused, maximise your online effectiveness and get the most out of your virtual education.

Why online school is no longer a compromise

With the way we live and work changing dramatically, finding a school that’s adapting at the same pace is paramount. Since its launch last year, King’s College Online has been offering the perfect blend of online and offline learning for students aged 14-18, aimed at families looking for schooling that fits their life now and in the future.

Online schooling is here to stay

“When is school returning to normal?” is not a question asked our King’s College Online students during the pandemic; for them virtual education is the norm and here to stay. Since the launch last year, the school has offered the perfect blend of online and offline learning for students aged 14-18.