Is King’s College Online a good choice for me?

There’s little doubt that what young people want has changed in recent years. Whilst they understand that a good education is important, it’s no longer their only goal. Instead, education has evolved into something that needs to support their personal growth as they seek to develop their own distinctive voice and life path. Full-time online schooling can be the perfect answer for many students.

One quality shared by most King’s College Online students is that they’re striving for something beyond simply being at school. Driven from an early age and motivated to work hard and succeed at whatever they put their minds to, they see education as an enabler. 

By recognising that our students are independent-minded and self-motivated, we’ve been able to develop methods that teach the whole child while encouraging their entrepreneurial spirit to prosper. 

We therefore use the latest technology to bring together the best teachers and personalised support from our global network of prestigious schools and combine this with extra-curricular activities to create a holistic programme bespoke to each student. This flexible approach is ideal for anyone who thrives under a more individualised learning style, or whose local schooling system might not help them fulfil their academic potential. 

Being able to tap into our teaching expertise from all over the world can also appeal to those with worldly ambitions. Families are increasingly looking for schooling that fits their life and works around their unique needs. So, for globe-trotting households, knowing their children can learn anywhere and anytime alongside students from every continent delivers a great deal of comfort. 

Similarly, many of our students have set their sights on the best universities across the world before they start an international career. Location is therefore no barrier, and our fully online school allows them to study at a time and pace that suits them, while delivering the flexibility they need to truly flourish.  

Finally, our innovative online learning programme tends to suit those with a growth mindset who recognise the value of challenging themselves.  Our students understand that persistence and working hard are even more essential to being able to follow their dreams as innate ‘smartness’. With their passion for learning, and curiosity about the wider world, they appreciate that mistakes present a valuable stepping-stone in their educational journey and remain in control of their own destiny throughout. 

Ultimately, we believe the role of educators is to empower students to forge their own paths. Key to this is stimulating their minds and equipping them with the skills and confidence to achieve their personal ambitions. If you share our mindset, King’s College Online is the smart choice for you and your family.