Online schooling is here to stay  

“When is school returning to normal?” is not a question asked our King’s College Online students during the pandemic; for them virtual education is the norm and here to stay. Since the launch last year, the school has offered the perfect blend of online and offline learning for students aged 14-18. 

In recent years, the way we live and work has changed dramatically, yet schooling has not changed at the same pace. Families are now looking for schooling that fits their life. This is the perfect time to consider an online school that provides academic success with the flexibility of learning from anywhere, anytime with students from all over the world.

Combining the latest online technology with the best offline resources and support, the school delivers live-streamed lessons, tutor-led study groups, regular assessments, co-curricular activities, pastoral care and more. Exceptional offline experiences include short or extended placements or attending summer or academic camps in an Inspired school.  

Teaching International GCSEs and A levels, the school delivers an education centred around personal ambitions and the academic results that will secure each student’s future.