An inspired school

Learning Experience

King’s College Online combines a track record of exceptional school performance and experience, with the latest technology and the most talented and experienced teachers to deliver an unrivalled online learning experience.

Our King's College Online Learning Approach

Virtual school lessons

Live key-note lessons

  • Each subject has live teacher-led lessons every week. (Also available as a recording)
  • These lessons provide key subject knowledge, skills, understanding and examination techniques.
  • The interactive nature of the live lessons stimulates discussion and debate.
  • All lessons are recorded, ensuring students never have their learning interrupted and lesson recordings can be revisited for revision.
Virtual school study groups

Tutor-led study groups

  • Each subject has a live small study-group tutorials (also available as a recording)
  • Through discussion and coaching, these sessions facilitate a deeper understanding of the lesson content and encourage students to apply this learning in practical situations.
  • With a maximum of 15 students per study group, these sessions provide personalised and effective support.
Virtual school assessment

Regular assessments and feedback

  • This is a core part of the King’s College Online learning programme - a combination of online tests, written assignments, oral presentations and practice examinations to assess knowledge and application of learning
  • The A level programme is modular with international examinations taken at the end of each unit. This means students can accrue modular results as they go and can also retake examination modules to improve grades.
  • All pupils receive regular formative feedback, reporting on academic performance and tutor engagement.
  • Personalised support is provided through a dedicated personal tutor and pastoral care system.
On Campus

On-campus experiences

  • Students wanting to combine online learning with time in a school can go to any of the Inspired boarding schools around the world
  • Academic booster camps during the holidays provide the opportunity for deeper learning and hands-on practical sessions. 
  • Preferential access to the prestigious Inspired Summer and Winter activity camps. These provide one-of-a-kind experiences such as skiing in Switzerland, football in Madrid, and fashion in Milan.

A day at our Online School




The King’s College Online School philosophy is to nurture confidence. Our aim is for our students to develop the confidence to take responsibility for their own learning in a supportive environment that encourages independent study and a love of learning. We aspire for our parents to have the confidence that their children are making progress within their studies and continuing to thrive within their education. Our school prides itself on ensuring that our teachers have the confidence to continue to develop professionally through a well-connected network within the Inspired group of schools.

This innovative approach to education permits parents to continue with their busy professional and family lives, secure in the knowledge that their children are receiving an outstanding education.

Virtual environment

Parental Engagement

A close, collaborative relationship between parents and the school is crucial to the success of all schools within the Inspired group and King’s College Online embodies this ethos within a virtual environment.

By embracing a modern, technologically advanced world, King’s College Online parents are able to feel part of their family’s school through the latest technological innovations in communications.