An inspired school

Highly successful university guidance counselling

The King's College Group of schools is already internationally renowned for its highly supportive university guidance counselling. It is this provision that enables over 90% of students to access their first choice of university every year.

Guidance counselling plan

King’s College Online students will be able to take full advantage of the experience of all schools within the Inspired network, to create an individually designed university guidance counselling plan. King’s College Online is pleased to offer a personalised counselling service to support students and families in choosing the right university and degree. As part of this service, each student will be encouraged to be ambitious in their aspirations of where they want to continue their further education, secure in the knowledge that they are being supported by a wealth of global expertise. All Inspired schools pride themselves on their ability to open the doors to the best universities in the world.

How university guidance counselling can help

Every King’s College Online student will be advised by an experienced university guidance counsellor who will arrange individual meetings with the student and their family to answer questions such as:

  • What subjects are needed for a particular degree course?
  • Which universities offer the course of study that has been chosen?
  • As a student with a passion in these subjects, can this combination take me to university?

All King’s College Online students will be encouraged to pursue their passion for a particular subject - a passion ignited during their studies within the School. Having identified their specific path within a subject or towards a particular group of universities, appropriate support and guidance will be made available from within Inspired schools around the world. No other school can claim to be able to draw on the knowledge and expertise of so many university counsellors around the world, and King’s College Online is in an enviable position to support its students in taking their next steps.

Unifrog partnership

As a member of the Inspired group of schools King’s College Online offers students access to UniFrog. UniFrog is an online tool aimed at assisting students in making the most informed choice they can about future pathways.